Donate to The Icarus Project!


Donate to The Icarus Project

Please give what you can today! Your donation helps us foster networks of mutual aid, support local groups, and create and distribute our ground-breaking resources - vital work that helps people navigate distress and change their communities.

All donations to The Icarus Project are tax-deductible. We are currently under the fiscal sponsorship of FJC, a non-profit 501(c)3 organization based in New York City.


And! Please consider becoming a Monthly Sustainer - even a small recurring donation does a lot to support our work in the long run! More info on what it means to be a Monthly Sustainer can be found at the bottom of this page.

Donating by Mail:

  1.  Make your check payable to FJC (we cannot accept cash donations).
  2. Write The Icarus Project's name in the memo line of the check - very important!
  3. Provide your current mailing address (if your address is not preprinted on your checks, or if your check information is not up-to-date). We must have this information on file to issue you a tax receipt for your gift.  
  4. Checks should be mailed to: The Icarus Project c/o FJC, 520 8th Avenue 20th Floor, New York, NY 10018  

Thanks again for your support in the work that we do. We strive to have a bottom-up and diverse funding base, and it can be difficult to get the support of traditional funding sources. We believe that the radical mental health movement should be supported by us, built by us, organized by us.

Become a Monthly Sustainer

So, you’re thinking about becoming a monthly sustainer of The Icarus Project. . .

Maybe you’ve used our Harm Reduction Guide to Coming Off Psychiatric Medications, or you've built skills at one of our peer support workshops. Or, The Icarus Project has been a lifeline for you or a loved one during a time of crisis. You might just have one of our lovely posters up on your wall.


No matter how you’ve come to us, you share our belief that too many of us diagnosed with mental health conditions wind up feeling alienated by mainstream responses, rather than seen and supported. You believe that alternatives are not just possible, but necessary. And you know that they’re happening here, at The Icarus Project, a radical mental health support network and media project that is for us and by us. As a monthly sustainer, your small, recurring monthly donation can help us continue this vital work.


The Icarus Project is at a critical moment. We’re building up our Mad Maps project to reflect on issues like oppression and intergenerational trauma. We’re strengthening our support of local Icarus chapters. And our decolonizing process is transforming oppressive legacies in an organizational and cultural shift that will center the voices of Indigenous, Black, People of Color, Disabled, LGBTQ and other folks from marginalized communities from within the Icarus Project.


We’re depending on your support now more than ever to resource these much-needed efforts.


For the price of a couple of drinks or a cute new t-shirt, you can help uplift the life-saving projects and programs of The Icarus Project. A few bucks may not seem like much, but together, your $50, $25, or even $10 donation* is a critical contribution to our groundbreaking work. In exchange, we promise to keep building a world where mental wellness is interwoven with self-determination and collective liberation.


*Can’t spare the money right now? We hear you! You can make a huge contribution by sharing this link over email and on social media.


Got questions, concerns, or bright ideas about supporting our work? Get in touch with Maryse, Development Coordinator & Ally Liaison, at


Thank you for joining us in that work.


To become a monthly sustainer, please click the link below. Be sure to click the box labeled “Make This Recurring (Monthly)” to ensure that your donation is made on a monthly basis.