Beating ourselves up inside our heads and perceiving reality

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Haven't posted in awhile here. Just thought of sharing this. Good to see all the energy apparently happening around here...


Altering how we perceive reality: a Lakota wisdom keeper speaks

We're all descendants of tribes, and we've been separated from any awareness of this and of how our antennae, our sensitivity is a good thing, not a "bad thing" to be blocked via drugs and so on; basically getting us to *adjust* and continue running on emptiness as the good automatons we're being fashioned into.

On two links from Youtube, a Lakota wisdom keeper touches on parts of this,  sharing his peoples' insights about how a religious perception of reality (social science as religion anyone?) was used to replace our original spiritual perception of reality; where everything is connected and now, with these coercive, manufacture of consent-type ways of belief, we're being told that we have to subordinate to these imposed authorities, or we're somehow "bad".

But there's much more to the picture than is being presented to us. Take a listen and come back here and share your feelings.

Today, religious/dogma-oriented (and state-subordinated institutions, which are distinct from spiritual connections each of us may find in life) are perhaps less threatening, in my view, than the dogmas and obfuscation of psychology and psychiatry. The despised psychiatric dissident Tom Szasz, MD ( said in his book _The Theology of Medicine_  basically something along these lines, if you look. Tom/Thomas said that medicine itself is theology; because it isn't based in hard science, but "soft" science.

Anyway, there's some food for thought in these two people, the Lakota guy and the dissident doctor (whom you may be more aware of, eh?)

Next, the Lakota wisdom keeper does spoken word with his band "Bad Dog", which includes the lyrics: "How bad can we make ourselves feel?" (It's a bit hard to hear this, but worth it if your persist.) If I can find the lyrics to this, I'll post them. Or maybe you know or have them and can send them to me?