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Into the Woods: How Mushrooms Told Me To Ditch The Meds

I shared this story at an Icarus meeting in Olympia attended by Will Hall. Will encouraged me to write it down and share it with the Icarus community at large - here it is!
Kirk told me that he, Ben and Ben's brother Nick were going to drink mushroom tea and go for a walk in the woods, and that I was welcome to join if I was so inclined.

The funding of mere chemistry

I don’t think healing is easy. I think it is hard work. And when the doctor works hard to help, that’s when they’re able to do something the damaged person couldn’t.
People say animals wash themselves when they’re nervous. They’re not washing themselves, they’re massaging. It’s a natural impulse to heal and calm tension which damages and impedes body movement. Massage is used in physio-therapy, which has hospital backing, but qualified massage therapists are not in anyway backed by the government, in Australia. Yet sports heroes will attest to the healing power of massage.

Riding with Morpheus

It’s not exactly sleep-walking, it’s more sleep-waking, but it’s somewhere in between worlds, a limbo of not quite awake to reasoning and logic and not asleep to people and things around. In this state of sleep-waking the person is able to move and think about what is going on. But it’s like two things are happening, the waking world and the dream world and the person is experiencing both at once


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