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Voices of Hope and Recovery: Our Stories, Our Lives


"These stories – honest, gut-wrenching and triumphant – are told by people who, through darkness, have found wellness and healing, meaning and purpose. They teach us about finding love in a world that is often harsh and cruel. With courage and insight, they reveal how to reclaim mental health in a culture that often misunderstands the healing process. Our stories demonstrate the power of the human spirit to prevail"

False Utopia

I am starting my journey today...and continuing it in the only way I can- abstinence from MEDICATIONS.
I'm using TEA to replace the PILLS, and am going to see if this works. Anytime I crave the medication I'll just sip some tea. Hmmmm seems like a good method.

Coming Off Drugs Guide Now In Spanish! Guia Reduccion de Drogas Psiquiatricas Disponible en Castellano!

The Harm Reduction Guide to Coming Off Psychiatric Drugs, published by The Icarus Project and Freedom Center, is now available in spanish - thanks to the dedicated translation work of Agustina Vidal from Buenos Aires Argentina.
Discontinuación del Uso de Drogas Psiquiátricas: Una Guía Basada en la
Reducción del Daño
, publicado por The Icarus Project y Freedom Center, ha sido traducida al castellano por Agustina Vidal desde Buenos Aires Argentina, miembro de la Asamblea permanente de usuarios del sistema de salud mental.
You can download the guide free online. Puedes decargarla de forma gratuita.
Go to the Resources section to download and read the Guide in spanish.
Vísite la sección de Recursos para bajar y leer la Guía.

Lithium Orotate

My friends mom was on lithium and it helped for many years.  Her health care provider noticed this was damaging her liver. For the past year she has been on and off  different meds. She is not in good shape.  I heard about this other kind of lithium on a radio show, Lithium Orotate. Here is info from a website that describes the stuff like what I heard on the radio. 
Lithium is the most common element used for stabilizing mood swings, mania and depression. Lithium orotate (the lithium salt of orotic acid) is 20 times more bio-active than other lithium salts, allowing a reduction in dosage greatly reducing the likelihood and severity of potential side effects.
Dr. Nieper reported that 5 mg of lithium orotate are closely equivalent to 100 mg of the carbonate form.
The therapeutic dose of lithium orotate for cases of severe depression is 150 mg/day (1-2 tablets), compared to 900-1800 mg of the prescription forms.
Does anyone have experience with using this?  Are there any known side effects? Do you have any other recomendations?


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