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I just started to work at Alternative to Meds Center in San Francisco. Matt Morrissey of Mindfreedom led me here when I asked him about alternative mental health places to work in San Francisco. They use orthomolecular psychiatry, and super good nutrition. I have been here about a week and moved into an apartment on 26th street that is a 25 minute walk from ATMC, which is on Guerrero and 20th. My car is supposed to arrive today and I have heard so many nightmare stories about parking in this city that I am not sure what to do when it gets here.
I feel grateful to be working at a place with such high quality food-it seems that between that and the supplements, the clients are fairly healthy-they are a lot more participatory and engaged than clients I have worked with at other centers. I wonder if there is anywhere else like this and if anyone would want to train in or learn this approach to perhaps duplicate it. People are coming off of numerous hardcore drugs in just a few months. These include psychiatric drugs as well as street drugs.
Chaya Grossberg