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We're inviting you to be a part of The Icarus Project!

The Icarus Project is a labor of love that exists through the efforts of an unruly mob of contributors: organizers, activists, artists, writers, musicians, students, tech geeks, interns and volunteers, all held together by stories, messages, shared visions and realities.

Keep in mind that we're all about participation & initiative - if you're inspired, then feel free to join.

Here are some ways you can play a part in this participatory adventure:

Got a question on getting involved or need help? Head over to the Forums and try making a post, or say hello and share ideas on an existing thread.

Join our email list. You can sign up here. We'll occasionally send informative emails about Icarus activities and news.

Learn More. Read our mission and vision statement, check out our publications online (Navigating the Space Between Brilliance and Madness, Friends Make The Best Medicine, and Harm Reduction Guide to Coming Off Medications), and explore our vast collection of articles and links.

Meetup with folks locally.  Look at the local groups directory to find a group or campus organizers in your area. Put a shout out on our forums to find people and meet for tea and discussion. If you are having a hard time finding folks in your area, please let us know and we’ll try to help out. (We are currently looking for folks that might be interested in being local or regional contacts and if you’re interested in learning more about what that involves), please email

Start a local group. No group in your area? Let people know you'd like to start one by posting on the forums and Facebook. Check our guide to starting local groups, Friends Make The Best Medicine, for more ideas about how to build a community of Icarus allies in your area and get in touch with the Local Groups Support Coordinator by emailing

Be part of our Discussion Forums. The Icarus Discussion Forums are a wide-open terrain of all things mad gifts related. Offer peer support, contribute ideas and experiences, and post your story, photos, video, poetry, and art. You're welcome to either just read or join in the conversations.

Distribute Icarus publications and materials. Download and print or purchase copies of our publications for your friends, communities, local libraries, school, and everywhere you can think of. If you are interested in distributing Icarus postcards or stickers in your community and travels - and in documenting where these materials are left, offered, or shared as a story for the website - please contact for more information about postcard distribution.

Host a speaker or film showing at a local venue or college. The Icarus guide Friends Make The Best Medicine has lots of ideas on how to do this, or email support(at)theicarusproject(dot)net for help.

Give feedback on bugs and technical problems with the website. The website is a work in progress. Find a technical problem? Report it on the forums here.

Make a donation. Tax-deductible financial contributions (we are under the fiscal umbrella of FJC) keep Icarus going, and we rely on donations to support this work. Become an Icarus Sustainer! Please email if you are interested in making a donation! Thank you!

Dream up your own way of collaborating! Surprise us with your own Icarus-inspired collaborations -- we'd love to hear what you're up to! Email to share your ideas!


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