Promotional Materials

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Beautiful full-color, double sided promotional postcards with images by Eric Drooker, Jacks McNamara, and Sarah Quinter. If you send an e-mail to, we'll mail you a packet of 5" x 7" cards that you can give to folks or leave around coffee shops, doctor's offices, colleges, bulleting boards, activist spaces, and any other community gathering site, to raise awareness about The Icarus Project and radical mental health horizons.

You can also download and print out the images by clicking below.


E-mail infoAT theicarusproject DOT net to request a batch of our new round 4" stickers that feature the Icarus You are Not Alone stencil!




The Icarus Project asks that people requesting more than a few cards or stickers either

A) come up with some creative way to document postcard dispersion and sticker application in various locations - for the sake of sharing story, landscape, and experience - to be posted as community media on the Icarus website

and/or B) Get in touch with about how to make a small donation to cover the cost of materials and shipping, especially if requesting overseas mailings

We are not always able to honor requests for complementary materials.

Thanks so much! Mad Love!