Your help is needed. The Icarus Project Denver is looking for a new home. If you know of a location that we can use to host our group meetings, please email with details.

We would need access the the room on a weekday evening twice a month from 6:00pm - 8:30pm. We are looking for a space that meets the following requirements:

Mad Maps


an upcoming Icarus Project publication

What are Mad Maps?

In a world that seals up the side trails, hidden doors and underground caves, forcing us all to walk the arbitrary straight path of so-called normalcy, The Icarus Project is perhaps the last respite left for exploring the art of getting lost. Fueled by hope and creativity, our members have been artfully forging roads and making maps that define our journeys with mental health struggles in the context of a crookedly beautiful world. We have called these cartographic musings Mad Maps.


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