"Recent advances in understanding mental illness and psychotic experiences: British Psychological Society"


Despite the intimidating title, this is a very clearly written report, with input from people who've been through the system, of what is know and not known about 'mental illness.' Though it doesn't recognize the dangers of the 'atypical' drugs, the report is a great, solid-research antidote to biased info coming from Big Pharma and mainstream medical model psychiatry.

Inka Prophecy The End Of Time -- Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D.

The Inka Prophecy of the End of Time

Interview with Arnold Mindell: Dreambody Process Work


An interview with Arnold Mindell, a physicist who trained in Jungian psychology and then drew on many different influences, especially Gestalt therapy, to develop Process Work, an awareness practice with applications to mental health/extreme states of consciousness, bodywork, therapy, organizational development, and conflict resolution.

Campaign for a New Diagnosis in the DSM: World Domination Disorder


The DSM Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, the 'yellow pages' of mental illness diagnosis, has an online page inviting people to suggest new mental illnesses for its upcoming fifth edition. Join an international campaign to log in to the DSM site and add World Domination Disorder, with the case study based on one example: George Bush. You can spread this url:

New Introduction to the 5th Printing of "Navigating the Space Between Brilliance and Madness"


It is Spring 2006, 2 years after Sascha and Ashley self-published the first 1000 copies of this barely-proofread zine/book, threw them in the back of my truck, and launched into a guerrilla speaking tour of bookstores, infoshops, colleges, community centers, mental health clinics, and activist houses across the country. Looking back at how the Icarus Project has changed with fresh eyes and new perspectives, this is Ashley's Re-Introduction to the latest edition of the Navigating the Space reader.


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