Throwback Thursday: “Why do we keep talking about ‘Consumers’? We’re not eating mental health services…”


This week for Throwback Thursday I’m dredging up an old post from when I was the Icarus representative at a SAMHSA meeting in Washington DC and we made a bunch of new movement friends. This was around the time of our 5th anniversary and we were in the midst of a lot of interesting organizing on college campuses, working out of the office at Fountain House in New York City, and using the language of Mad Ones and Mad Pride a whole lot. Icarus has always managed to stay on the outside of the government money non-profit world, trading some amount of legitimacy and exposure for keeping our messages radical. This is an interesting post because it documents the confluence of a bunch of activists who have yet to end up in the same room again. I wonder what the future holds?

Love and Homeopathics: Mental Health, Community Care, and the Political Imagination


Dissociation: Trapped in Your BodyImagine you are standing with your head poking out of a little tent, alone in an enormous open clearing, in the middle of a raging hurricane. There’s almost no space to hear yourself think over the wind. At the edge of the clearing, far away, the wind knocks down trees and power lines. The storm is so vast and loud you can’t hear your own voice over the pummeling noise, because the wind whips the words out of your mouth before you utter them.

Action needed to help stop forced-drugging bill TODAY


In a matter of hours the Senate is set to vote on HR 4320, a Medicare bill which contains a provision that would subject people in crisis to court-ordered forced drugging (euphemistically termed "assisted outpatient treatment"), while eliminating initiatives that promote evidence-based, voluntary, peer-run services and supports. Please take action to help stop this!  The stakes are high and we don't have much time.


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