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Protest the American Psychiatric Association in San Francisco This Sunday

Mental Health Clients and Psychiatric Survivors to Lead Protest of
American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting
Protesters Say, “Our Creative Support Will Overcome Psychiatric Corruption!”
This Sunday: Festival of Resistance at APA Convention in SF MindFreedom International & California Network of Mental Health Clients 17 May 2009, 1 PM. Moscone Center, San Francisco

The Politics of Rationality: Psychiatric Survivors' Challenge to Psychiatry- Gabriella Coleman


"The Politics of Rationality: Psychiatric Survivors' Challenge to Psychiatry," Gabriella Coleman's chapter in the Tactical Biopolitics: Art, Activism, and Technoscience book, examines the history of psychiatric survivor movement to assess its radical political position in the face of changing conditions, notably the growing legitimacy of a neurochemical model of illness and a pervasive culture of seeking, prescribing, and taking drugs.


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