The latest in scarves and shawls dating fashion accessories

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The latest in scarves and shawls dating fashion accessories.
Every year something new seems to hit the runway coupled with a few blasts from the past. It’s inevitable that the new looks will be just that—completely new. But fortunately, some of those old looks are favorites and work well with the new colors, styles, and fabrics infused into the old each year. You’re surely not going to be bored with the newest (and oldest) fashions this year.
Here are a few of the best no-fail items you must have in your wardrobe:
A cool hat, stylish shawls, or unique hair accessory.
Ponytail tubes from Louis Vuitton are a great choice, too.
Splurge on that pair of heels you have been eyeing
Single shouldered dresses will be a mainstay this year.
For this season, buy a low slung, long strapped bag or a tiny one for your palm. There are some fabulous scrunchy clutches/bags this year too.
Go for the monochrome look, but gold is very popular as well.
Can you master the baggy pants this year? If not, consider the asymmetric styles of skirts that don’t belong in the short or long category. However, it seems the mini has faded once again.
There are several pretty ruffled princess dresses, with ribbons and lace. Bows have made a comeback, as well.
When you consider blazers or jackets, all the styles seem popular this year, whether they feature mannish cuts or cropped sleeves. Embellishments of all sorts seem to be allowed almost anywhere... a cashmere or pashmina shawl. You’ll find everything from feathers and fringing to ruffles and bows as well.
Colors this year are from two varied ends of the spectrum. You’ll find bright neons that almost require a cool pair of sunglasses, to blushed sheers and shades of nude. The nude shades are featured in some of the blousy, cropped trousers that can be found everywhere this year. Every shade of blue and green, often worn all at the same time, is definitely in this season. Crumpled fabrics and cutouts could be located on just about every runway show, as well.
Long skirts, very short shorts, jumpsuits and harem pants were seen virtually everywhere. There was a feel of the East in many of the styles. Metallic leather was also popular on several runways. Leggings are back yet again, but sometimes they almost looked rather baggy. Tight leggings are still in as well, so no matter how they fit you in them you’ll want some in your closet.
Jewelry is huge and it’s not just in popularity. The earrings and necklaces are very large and some are rather stunning. However, pearls are also popular. There is a very retro type feel to some of the featured lines. The eighties, seventies, and even the twenties have been highlighted by one designer or another.
Your feet certainly won’t thank you this year, as heels are higher than ever. Heels are seen with every look from formal to casual. Gold is a must have this season. Many outfits seemed to be built around one flashy gold element. All in all, it’s a very exciting year fashion wise. The mood about the economy may be somber but the mood in the fashion world is cheerful and optimistic.