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Today I was nuged here by a friend who is around here somewhere (I shall find her once I have the site worked out, hopefully) and have found in my short wanderings of it that it is quiet intresting. While my staying is undecided so far I am none but intruiged, hopefully i will be able to fit into such a comunity as well as I hope and well enough to learn some things. Since this is simple and entry in which to ramble I will conclud it there since my muse seems to have fled my mind a I have made the point that I am new and a tiny bit lost.


Suggestions on dealing with professional patronizers, with Diane Divoky and Peter Schrag

taking aim at the usual aim takers, these excerpts give ammo to the underdog and thier fledgling communities; and not merely for reform distraction--for authentic liberation strategy!

Mad Stories and Wild Songs: An Open Mic Night

Share your stories of mental health/illness, experiences with the mental health industry, tools for individual and community healing, and dreams of liberation. Bring songs, poems, stories, friends.
Laughing Horse Books 12 NE 10th Portland, Oregon
This event is the kick-off for a new icarus project, a weekly radical mental support group. If you're interested in being part of that but can't make this event, e-mail River at or Julia at
Art: Christy. C. Road

It's strange they don't call it 'violence'...

It's strange that governments don't call it 'violence' when daily they send people to their deaths by deporting them.

It's strange that governments don't call it 'violence' when they send thousands of poor people to kill (or be killed by) other poor people in one senseless war after another.

Campus Icarus Student Organizing Materials for Download

Campus Icarus student organizing materials are now available for downloading and printing!

Campus Icarus FAQ
Campus Icarus Guide-Cover
Campus Icarus Guide
Campus Icarus Postcard-Front
Campus Icarus Postcard-Back
Questions? Email: campus(at)theicarusproject(dot)net


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