Crooked Beauty screening at the US Social Forum

Wednesday, July 23, 2010 at 1PM

AFSCME Building (basement of the Walker-Roehrig Building) 600 West Lafayette at Third Detroit, Michigan 
Event Info: (scroll down to Crooked Beauty) Google Map:

Crooked Beauty Film w/ Icarus Co-Founder Ashley McNamara Premieres!

Crooked Beauty is a documentary film on the experiences of Icarus co-founder Ashley McNamara set to powerful visual images. The documentary is premiering at San Francisco's Cinematheque on April 17, at 9pm! For more info, and to see the trailer online, go to Facebook event page:

Icarus Joins Effort to Stop Forced Drugging in Wisconsin
Wisconsin Icarista Christin Light writes:

Last week, the Wisconsin State Supreme Court upheld a forced treatment order for a man named John Wood who is currently in Mendota Mental Health Institute.  His lawyer was questioning the constitutionality of a statute because "it violates due process by allowing involuntary medication without finding if a person is a danger and fails to require a periodic review."  2 justices agreed with this but ultimately, it was a 5/2 vote in maintaining his forced medication and the statute.

Dispatch from the Front Lines - What's Not Okay in Kindergarten

I work part-time as an Instructional Assistant for a boy who is diagnosed only as being "Emotionally Disturbed" - ED (like you need to have some sort of doctorate to diagnose that). I hang out with him throughout his struggles in Kindergarten and implement his IEP (Individualized Education Program).
Boys and girls, Kindergarten is a fucked up place. It's very safe - if you follow the rules. You'll be fine - if you follow the rules. I realized on Day One of this job that everyone put through this system is being trained to become perfect bank tellers.

Icarus National Gathering at US Social Forum in Detroit This Summer

Icaristas from near and far will be gathering at the US Social Forum in Detroit this summer, June 22-26. Join in the planning  discussion on the forums! Also check out and join the monthly community call.


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