Mad Love in San Francisco on Valentine's Day!!

Bay Area Icarus was revived last summer, and we are officially full of surging, irreverent life.   We held our first event on Valentine's Day--Mad Love.  We had an open mic, a skilled MC, a cabaret of musicians and poets, and the evening skyrocketed to a close with the Brass Liberation Orchestra.
If you were there, you know.  If not, read on!  Almost as good. :)

Community divided

This is about a community divided
People who agree
Those who disagree
And those who are told
If they don’t agree
They will be forced to.
Blanket judgement is used
Upon signs of disorder
The community does not want a riot.
Everyone must at least
Pretend to be the same
As the symbols of health,
Wealth and stealth on our TVs.


Allergic reactions

Smoking causes lots of problems, but some people say it makes them feel better. There are plenty of big warnings on the packets now and people aren’t forced to breathe tobacco smoke anymore. The community has recognised that causing chemical harm to others is not okay.
I’m just wondering when the community that places psychiatric treatment orders on unwilling people will get smart. From talking to a wide range of people, I’ve found the population is totally ignorant of the effects of these drugs. Some people who take them don’t even realise that the anti-depressants are what’s causing their heart condition. They are simply prescribed another pill to take, which in turn effects the body in another way that is damaging.


Fear of 'madness' (and society's response to it) in a historical context

I have to wonder if the reticence about speaking out on abuses/prejudice aimed at people with a psychiatric label, or about the inherently oppressive nature of psychiatry and the 'mental health' system themselves isn't rooted in peoples' fear of their own capacity for madness as well as being rooted in another long-standing historical prejudice.

Into the Woods: How Mushrooms Told Me To Ditch The Meds

I shared this story at an Icarus meeting in Olympia attended by Will Hall. Will encouraged me to write it down and share it with the Icarus community at large - here it is!
Kirk told me that he, Ben and Ben's brother Nick were going to drink mushroom tea and go for a walk in the woods, and that I was welcome to join if I was so inclined.

Icarus at Reelabilities Film Festival in NY

The second annual Reelabilities film festival was held this past weekend in the NY metropolitan area. The festival’s mission statement cites “dedication to promoting awareness and appreciation of the lives, stories and artistic expressions of people with different disabilities.” In addition to award-winning films the weekend’s events included discussions and other special programs intended to “bring together the community to explore, discuss and celebrate the diversity of our shared human experience.”


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