Action needed to help stop forced-drugging bill TODAY

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In a matter of hours the Senate is set to vote on HR 4320, a Medicare bill which contains a provision that would subject people in crisis to court-ordered forced drugging (euphemistically termed "assisted outpatient treatment"), while eliminating initiatives that promote evidence-based, voluntary, peer-run services and supports. Please take action to help stop this!  The stakes are high and we don't have much time.

You can find DC phone numbers for the Senators of any US state here. Please call the Senators for your state before 10am EST and leave a message voicing opposition to this section of the bill.

A sample message:

“I am (name, city). My Senator should NOT vote for a Doc Fix that includes Section 224 of the House bill (HR 4302). Section 224 has nothing to do with Medicare. It would use Federal dollars to pay for forced psychiatric treatment in our communities. Forced treatment is traumatizing. It criminalizes people in crisis. It scares people away from seeking help. It is costly but not effective. Keep Section 224 out of the Doc Fix bill."  

While you're at it, you might want to tell them you oppose the Murphy bill (HR 3717) too. For more information on both these bills, the issues behind them and what you can do, see this action alert from Beyond Meds:

And please help spread the word to everyone you know. Stopping this bill at the last minute may be a total long shot but we have to at least try... we're all in this together, and if we don't look out for each other, who will? Mad love and solidarity from Icarusland.