Black Lives Matter

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The tragedy at the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston is another event demonstrating the relentless racism against Black people, who are disproportionately targeted by police brutality and social violence. White people must participate in fighting racism and ensure that dialogue about this event centers the experiences of being Black in anti-Black America. These racist murders at a historical site of Black resistance are indeed also about mental health. But we should not be primarily concerned with the supposed mental health status of racists who attack Black people and terrorize Black communities. Instead, we must center the trauma that comes with being a part of an entire section of the population whose lives and well-being are constantly under threat. For those of us who are white allies, we must shift the center of the conversation away from another white racist and instead center Black folks, and confront white privilege in ourselves and our society. You can support anti-racist, Black-led organizations by donating to the ‪#‎blacklivesmatter‬ movement, or you can also directly donate to the Emanuel AME church. The Icarus Project joins countless voices across the country asserting that #blacklivesmatter ‪#‎blackresistancematters‬.