Calling All Artists! Intergenerational Trauma Digital Art Show

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We invite artists to submit works that directly or metaphorically examine intergenerational trauma to be showcased in a digital gallery prominently displayed on our website and upcoming publications. We welcome artwork that deals with the cycle of hurt caused by family abuse, colonization, war, immigration, racism, environmental trauma, and other forms of intergenerational trauma. Each piece must be accompanied by an evocative statement of no more than 140 characters.


Deadline: June 27th


Please email a high resolution image with title, information about the artist and an evocative statement to


For questions or more information contact us at agustina(at)


An intergenerational trauma is a cumulative multigenerational suffering that has been experienced by cultural groups and has left lasting effects not only in the first generation, but also in the generations that follow. We all suffer from intergenerational trauma and it affects our relationships with ourselves, our peers, and our communities, and mediates our reactions to stress, anxiety, and further traumatizing events.  

The lasting effects of trauma imprinted upon our individual and collective lives have run through dialogues, stories shared, and conversations within the radical mental health movement for a long time. However, this is the first time that The Icarus Project is making a concerted effort to create opportunities for people to share their experiences, perspectives, and strategies for understanding the continuum of trauma and oppression that has been handed down to us by our ancestors, families, and larger cultural structures.

Intergenerational trauma is a very personal issue, and a highly political one: How can we separate our personal intergenerational traumas from the social-political-economic and cultural contexts that enabled and enable these traumas to be perpetrated upon people in so many different ways? Can we trace the trauma that we have inherited? How can we understand how it has impacted us? Are we able to reconcile with our pasts? What are the pathways to healing unresolved grief? How can we help other groups to regain the losses they have suffered as a result of trauma? And most importantly, how do we stop the cycle?  


Our hope is that together we can explore and bring to the surface the trauma of our generations past and collectively map ways to heal and transform the world around us.