Intergenerational Trauma - Mad Maps Survey

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We are excited to present a conversation that is groundbreaking for us: excavating the roots of the traumas inflicted upon our past generations and exploring the ways in which intergenerational traumas have shaped the manifestations of oppression within our worlds.  An intergenerational trauma is a cumulative multigenerational suffering that has been experienced by cultural groups and has left lasting effects not only in the first generation, but also in the generations that follow. We all suffer from intergenerational trauma and it affects our relationships with ourselves, our peers, and our communities, and mediates our reactions to stress, anxiety, and further traumatizing events.  


Participation in this inquiry is voluntary and people are welcome to respond -or not respond- to questions in whatever way they feel inspired to. Voices gathered as part of this inquiry will be used in informing the development of mutual aid resources, such as zines, workshop materials, and other media. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions and be sure to let us know if it’s alright to contact you if we have any questions or would like additional information.



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