The legend of the pearl

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The pearl English name is Pearl, is evolvesd by Latin Pernulo. Its another name is Margarite, grew by the ancient times Persia Pali, meaning“the son of the sea”.
As early as in the ancient times, when the primitive humanity looked for food in the seashore, had discovered the colored halation pure white pearl, and were attracted by its clear and magnificent .Since then the pearl has become the decoration which people are Craving.
In West's fable, the view is that the beautiful god Venus was born in the shell, when the shell opened, the dew dripped down from her body and turned a grain of glittering and translucent carving pearl. The renaissance, renowned painter Botticelli ,in the picture of "Venus Birth" put the goddess on a leaf of giant Bei Ye, the goddess came out under water, the water drop which the goddess exposed had formed a grain of pearl which didn`t have any flaw. The Dane associated the pearl with the mermaid , it is said that the mermaid missed prince, but couldn`t meet him,she shed her tear which was collected by the fritillaria freshwater mussel that protecteing mermaid in lovesickness place. After long time the tear turned pearl . In ancient India, the people believed that the pearl was transformed by all kinds of fairies with dew In dawn. Persia's myth thought that the pearl was a symbol of light and the hope , was ransformed by the various of god`s tear.But the roman simply related the pearl formation with God of Love Venus ,when the God of Love Venus finished bathing and came from the oyster shell which was filled with the froth, the water drop from her body sending out brilliance formed the flash pearl. From the myth to the fable, the pearl has been considered as the gift which various of god gave the earth.
However, the modern science indicated that the pearl is produced by a certain mollusk, because the foreign matter can sank into the shell and become “the bead embryo” then form the beaded pellet. Because of the freshwater mussel`s secretion package this kind of beaded pellet with the time flies will become more and more bigger pearl. Therefore, in generally speaking , the older the freshwater mussel, the bigger the pearl is.
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