Meet Daniela Capistrano: National Organizer For The Icarus Project!

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Join us in officially welcoming Daniela Capistrano to The Icarus Project! She joined us in December 2014 to support Icarus organizers across the country. Icarus organizers provide peer support to those with complex mental health realities in a safe and accessible environment, but often face incredible challenges in their work. Daniela is helping our community meet those challenges.

As National Organizer, Daniela collaborates directly with chapter organizers to support their work locally. This includes - but is not limited to - mentoring active and emerging Icarus chapters and connecting Icarus volunteers with resources based on their specific needs. Additionally, she assists TIP organizers in evaluating and articulating their own personal needs to prevent crises and/or burn out. By supporting and mentoring mental health advocates on the local and national level, Daniela helps further The Icarus Project's mission of healing and collective liberation.

Through offline and online outreach, Daniela is helping sustain the work of active and emerging Icarus local chapters and supporting local volunteer recruitment and mentorship. She is functioning as a bridge for community partnerships between local chapters and related organizations to prioritize safety and accessibility.

Want to learn how Daniela can support your local organizing? Email nationalorganizer AT theicarusproject dot net or tipnationalorganizer AT gmail dot com.


Hi, everyone. I’m grateful for the opportunity to support folks who are invested in community healing and collective liberation. I identify as Chicana/Latina, Queer, Poly, Feminist, Cis (she/her pronouns) and Survivor (sexual/physical/emotional abuse). My diagnoses include PTSD and Major Depressive Disorder, but my diagnoses are only a small part of who I am and I challenge the assumptions that are made about people diagnosed with any “disorder.” I believe in the concept of “mad gifts” and that my healing is directly tied into the healing of those around me. I also believe in setting healthy boundaries, prioritizing self-care and thinking about the ways that systems of oppression affect people disproportionately based on their gender, race, class and other categorizations. I was born and raised in California and spent the last ten years working/living in NYC.

I am now based in New Orleans, where I share a home and garden with my life partner and our two cats. I’ve traveled and organized events across the country through my work with the POC Zine Project, an experiment in activism and community through materiality that I founded in 2010 and continue to operate today. I have been a part of DIY and radical communities since my late teens. You can learn more about me on my website:

Send me a message any time! It typically takes me 3-5 business days to respond within the volume of messages I receive.