NYC Workshop: Mad Maps – A Visionary Conversation About Intergenerational Trauma

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Intergenerational trauma is a cumulative multigenerational suffering that has been experienced by cultural groups and has left lasting effects not only in the first generation, but also in the generations that follow. We all suffer from intergenerational trauma and it affects our relationships with ourselves, our peers, our communities, and mediates our reactions to stress, anxiety, and further traumatizing events. Can we trace the trauma that we have inherited? How can we understand how it has impacted us? And most importantly, how do we stop the cycle?

The brilliance of the Icarus project lies in the interlocking of narratives that often cannot be found in mainstream channels. We are hoping that through opening these doors, with questions that encompass a broad range of experiences and possible responses, that we will - as a community - begin to better understand the landscape of intergenerational trauma and its effects.

Come be a part of a community conversation with Sascha and Agustina and Shayna from The Icarus Project and Radical Mental Health Activists from Berlin AKPsychiatriekritik.

Where: Bluestockings books, 172 Allen St, New York, NY (google map)

When: 7pm, Wedensday, Oct 1.