Site Login System Streamlined


Putting together a complex, functioning content management system on the equivalent of less than 1.5 full time staff and a crew of volunteers isn't easy. We've had to make a lot of tough decisions on how to best proceed given limited resources and complex software issues.

One decision was to continue to have two login systems for the site - for now. The main site, where people blog and post comments on blogs and articles, and the discussion forums where threaded conversations by topic live.

This has been a bit confusing to people and we apologize. I just made some changes to the site that should help. The "login" links on the main site are now down on the right under 'Admin' rather than more prominent, and there is a link to 'create blog' on the upper right. The login box on the upper right no longer appears.

This will encourage everyone to login at the discussion forum and ONLY login at the main site if you are blogging or commenting.

What has been happening is that people want to post to the discussion forum, see the "login" links on the main site, register and login there, and then don't understand why they can't post in the discussion board. I also updated the How To Guide to reflect the changes.

Again - there are two completely seperate registration/login systems on this site: the main site for blogs and comments and the discussion forum. If you are logged in on one you can't use the other unless you log in on it as well (or instead).

We are working to set up development consulting to help us create a decisive long term solution to this, but for now I hope the changes I made will make things less confusing for new members.

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