Tears of Ice and Snow

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Tears of Ice and Snow by Gabrielle Bryant on January 4, 2013

She rushed to meet me so quietly, like a manic siren lullaby 
my mother clutching a wrapped up painting of Gabriel hovering 
"Happy birthday!" she must've said. I shied away from that monster 
I didn't know that the woman looking at me, was really her 
and I was afraid to say hello, her presence so very bizarre. 

What was she hiding from; students laugh at the awkward girl 
in the chattering snow falling, where I had waited for a calling 
transfixed by the peak of a mountain, charred wings all aglow-- 
to be let down or lifted up from this snow by Angel Gabriel 
He never spoke to me or at least, I did not know. 

I just stood there, frozen as if by some force, waiting to break free 
a student from the school walks up to me and begins waving 
her hand, she says, "I'm sorry I can't help you..it's freezing out here
and I'm so sorry, I can't help you." she then walks away 
leaving me to schizophrenia, relatively speaking, my insanity. 

The water is too cold to keep me alive, and it burns like hell 
I've lost my mind, a heart has cracked like the liberty bell 
the lake is calling me and this time-- I rise above with Gabriel 
wishing well to all the ghosts in this earthly boarding school 
as she rushes to greet me with her madness so cruel.