Volunteer - Ways To Get Involved With The Icarus Project


Icarus is a networking center and catalyst for a participatory movement -- and you're invited! Here are some ways to volunteer and get involved...
Meetup with folks locally
Start or join a local or campus group. Check the forums here and here, read our Friends Make The Best Medicine
Educate yourself - our mission statement, and our
Be part of our Discussion Forums. Offer peer support, contribute to learning and
Distribute Icarus publications and materials
Join our Volunteers email list Have skills or time to offer? This email list notifies people around the country when there are volunteer opportunities such as skills needed, project workng groups that are forming, coordinator working group projects. You can also let peopel know you're interested and what skills you have to offer. Drop in to volunteer time over the internet, or be part of ongoing planning and collective decision-making.
Help Envision Icarus. Brainstorm ideas and visions on the forum here Follow the Icarus Coordinator discussions by reading the email archives and meeting minutes.
Give feedback on bugs and technical problems with the website
Make a donation