dealing with crisis

Normal Ways of Insurance Lead Generation

There are many of insurance agencies everywhere these days. The reason is since the demand for insurance coverage is getting larger and higher because of the increase connected with accident likelihood and other kinds of mishaps. Commonly, people are truly looking for insurance policy in order to save these from financial issues in and event of injuries and any sorts of accidents.

The medical model is the true failure of compassion!

Another thing that really pisses me off is when 'friends' want to shut out any alternative explanation of certain human phenomena that doesn't seek to medicalize them. I've actually had people blow up at me and walk away in a complete snit when I try to explain why I reject psychiatry's pejorative 'diagnoses' and the false science it uses to justify them.  They seem to view it as a failure of compassion on my part.

Hurting yourself


Self-injury is a common behavior in our society. Only a few forms are seen as problematic. Shame often thwarts an open exchange about experiences. "Hurting yourself" is a workbook that aims at encouraging reflection and generating awareness of various different aspects of self-injury from a non-coercive, self-compassionate, and harm reduction perspective.    


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