dealing with crisis

i prefer peace...but i am definitely not feeling it now

I am new here...a good friend introduced me to it today.
I am feeling very unhappy and my mental state is not good. I am living in a town where I have experienced a full range of bad things ranging from having my phoned tapped--and then a neighbor (who whispers my name from his yard) and I feel creeped out. It's as if they are trying to drive me completely mad. My good friends are being very kind and doing everything they can to help me...thank God for that. However, I still feel sickened and paranoid. I have to say I really wonder how much they know about me from my phone calls...

Dispatch from the Front Lines - What's Not Okay in Kindergarten

I work part-time as an Instructional Assistant for a boy who is diagnosed only as being "Emotionally Disturbed" - ED (like you need to have some sort of doctorate to diagnose that). I hang out with him throughout his struggles in Kindergarten and implement his IEP (Individualized Education Program).
Boys and girls, Kindergarten is a fucked up place. It's very safe - if you follow the rules. You'll be fine - if you follow the rules. I realized on Day One of this job that everyone put through this system is being trained to become perfect bank tellers.

Fear of 'madness' (and society's response to it) in a historical context

I have to wonder if the reticence about speaking out on abuses/prejudice aimed at people with a psychiatric label, or about the inherently oppressive nature of psychiatry and the 'mental health' system themselves isn't rooted in peoples' fear of their own capacity for madness as well as being rooted in another long-standing historical prejudice.

Video: "Perceptions of Reality"--Indigenous wisdom 101 with John Trudell at Univ. of Wisconsin

Here, if this works, is the infamous John Trudell speaking about being crazy and using our creative intelligence to escape the ways our minds are colonized. Deep and inspiring for those of us easily overwhelmed and uncertain about where to head now that we're starting to see the realities of our own situations! Enjoy!

So-called "Crazymakers" are the scapegoats of brave new world in The Artist's Way

This post takes on the curiously popularized notion--in Julie Cameron's book The Artist's Way--of the categorical 'badness' of people she (and her "expert" ilk) seek to reduce and label, and then promote that their fellows ignore them, until they get professional "help". Crucially, she (and the usual routine of "experts" "just doing their jobs") don't shed light on the reality that such "crazy-makers" are quite likely only exhibiting SYMPTOMS of their pain, even when their symptoms are INTENSE and not easy to be around. The popularized thing to do? IGNORE the most sensitive and go back to work doing what you can "only" do! DON'T try to look behind their pain and help them articulate themselves, say, via any truly meaningful community!! NO, THAT'S not for YOU laypersons/"non-experts" to "play" around with!! (BAD DOG!)


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