dealing with crisis

hearing voices group

 I am new to icarus. I have been a psychotic depressive for 5 years. I also had a year or more of constant headaches and migraines due to a head injury i have had since i was 17, I am 30 now. That was the catalyst for my mental illness. I found this website through a dating website. I was too unwell at the time to join and the dating thing went terribly wrong too.

The Critter Crusades (Pt. 3 - The War That Never Ends)

So, here we go yet again. Word came to me today that a vacating tenant on the floor below me left behind a massive infestation of bed bugs.

As a precaution, that entire floor is being sprayed - along with the ones immediately above and below it.

So once again it's time to break my back prepping for a legalized home invasion, complete with chemical weapons.

the other other shoe

it seems like life drama conspires together sometimes and while i work on being tough about it and plowing through i spend so much damn time waiting for the other shoe to drop and things to get really, really bad some more. like i don't always feel justified in letting myself be upset because it is only going to get worse and worse inevitably. so maybe i should save up my overt misery reserves or something.

Beating ourselves up inside our heads and perceiving reality

Two videos from youtube, one "terrible" music but with a deep message, the other, much clearer. Talking about perceiving reality and how most of us have been separated, and trained to "beat ourselves up inside our heads".

Study Abroad

Getting through customs with my month´s supply of Lithium was actually easier than I assumed. But my mother, who picked me up hours late after elementary school for years sent me the next two month´s pills late.

For one week I was unmedicated, but my doctor has said in the past that the half life is a week, so I couldn´t have dipped that fast. However, I am back on my pastillas as they´re called where I am at and I am having trouble.


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