a love story, or Necrocity and mutilation as a religious experience

they are in an abandoned fairground.  there are patches of grass amidst the mudded walkways.  brokendown pieces of carnival rides and dividing fences are scattered haphazardly covered in rust.  the sun colors the sky the sort of muted yellow that late afternoons in autumn bring.  shadows cast along the ground obscure moving figures.  there are people at a distance but they keep a slow shuffle.


Waking Dreams and Prescience

The conversation is a dialectic on the subject of self versus selfless. Selfishness versus selflessness. Now when I speak of selfishness, I don't mean it in the classic sense of the word. There is a deeper unique interpretation that I've come to understand. Selfishness is not malevolent like we think it is. What makes it dangerous is that lack of malevolence. Selfishness is a trap. The complete lack of thought about the outside world creates a black hole. Let's place the self on a gradient. Beyond self we have family. Beyond that comes community, then society, ecosystem, biome, and so on until reach everything, the universe, infinity, something completely incomprehensible.


What else is there?

This is a bit awkward, but I have been having an unstable day.  The thing is I am too happy, maybe a little excitable.  Everywhere I look I see the light shine in people and it is something I have long ago stopped looking for.  So why is it I see it now?  I had some words inspire me a time ago, and it opened me to this light.  I was happy before but I was not fulfilled, and these words fulfilled me.  It was not them in themselves but they were the fan that reignighted my flame.  The dream I have had, that I have, The promise I was given every moment I ente



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