Surviving Burning Man

I faced my fear and went to Burning Man this year. I knew it would be full of triggers, but I have wanted to go for some time and I have been feeling pretty bored with my life. I figured I could use a distraction. I am not currently on medication, so that was a worry. Surprise: I was able to get enough sleep (didn't even need earplugs), I stayed sober, I didn't end up in a fetal position crying "make the trance music stop!" I had a lot of help from my boyfriend, who never let me out of his sight.


Icarus Collaborates On Wellness Center at Republican Convention Protest

Minneapolis MN USA Icarus organizers who are part of the North Star Health Collective are teaming up with Icaristas from NY and St. Louis to organize a jointly sponsored Wellness Center at the upcoming Republican National Convention Sept 1-4! Read more about the plan...


It has been over two months since I first learned I might be bipolar. Since then, I have emerged out of depression and its medications, and into the experience of bipolarity, and its medications. I wonder, what would have happened if I hadn't asked about bipolar disorder in that appointment with the doctor?



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