Drifting home: An Urban Vivisection

Currently writing a book that explores the Psychogeography of my hometown. Going to be a mix of exploration logs and fictional stories based around specific historical events within the town as well as specific locations. Hope you enjoy.Cold. Smoke on my breath. Feel disconnected. Welcome home, who are you? Shuffle past childhood arena. Clothesline of remembered narrative, obstacles of youthful frolics pinning me down. 1-2-3! You're out!

Hyperbolic gloss

 This is just something I'm working on. Not sure where I'm going with it at the moment. Let me know what you think.HYPERBOLIC GLOSS:Ice cold, should sting but it doesn’t. Air clinging to my face in swirling clouds as I slow my pace. No real need to rush now, blinked off the radar ten minutes ago. Occasionally watch for echoes, so many in this part of the city. Fragments caught in a tar pit of forgotten history and villainous acts. The screeching stench of rape, murder and overdose is almost too loud to remain sane.

Suggestions on dealing with professional patronizers, with Diane Divoky and Peter Schrag

taking aim at the usual aim takers, these excerpts give ammo to the underdog and thier fledgling communities; and not merely for reform distraction--for authentic liberation strategy!


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