Crisis Tool Kit

Welcome to the Crisis Toolkit

We're so glad you found us. When you or someone close to you goes into crisis, it can be the scariest thing to ever happen. You don’t know what to do, but it seems like someone’s life might be at stake or they might get locked up, and everyone around is getting stressed and panicked. Most people have either been there themselves or know a friend who has been there. Someone’s personality starts to make strange changes, they’re not sleeping or sleeping all day, they lose touch with the people around them, they disappear into their room for days, they have wild energy and outlandish plans, they start to dwell on suicide and hopelessness, they stop eating or taking care of themselves, or they start taking risks and being reckless. They become a different person. They’re in crisis.

This page offers an assortment of resources that may provide perspective, comfort, and/or tools that could be of assistance to people experiencing various sorts of tough times.

Here is a really useful set of ideas and strategies that’s written for folks who are dealing with a mental health crisis Navigating Crisis:

Navigating Crisis (as a printable handout)

Within the Icarus Project

The Icarus Project is a peer support network. We are not professional and we do not dispense medical advice, but we can be ears/offer support/help with perspective. If you need to talk to somebody:

The Icarus Support Forums:- They are private, anon and are full of all kinds of interesting opportunities for reading and participating. They have existed for more than 12 years and go through cycles of being more or less active. You can always introduce yourself or just read through years of conversations:

If you are dealing with suicidal feelings, there is a forum that is only viewable to registered members to further protect your privacy. Suicidal Thoughts

-Facebook group: Our facebook is more active than our forums and is a good way of connecting with people from all over the world, but it also comes with a set of problems including the classic Issues of privacy, risk of being reported, etc


1. Navigating Crisis


2. Suicides


3. Hotlines and Warmlines


4. Psychosis/ Hearing Voices


5. Psychiatric Drugs