Survey: Mad Parenting


Recently The Icarus Project reached out to its community with a series of surveys asking for input on the creation of a Mad Maps  Project. Mad Maps are reminder documents we create for ourselves, and the people around us, about our wellness goals, warning signs, strategies for health, and who we trust to look out for our best interests when we’re struggling. These surveys asked a broad range of questions including how oppression and intergenerational trauma create and/or impact madness. These surveys yielded a need within our community for broader discussions and support systems for mad parents and parents of mad children.

Mad Pride, Creative Maladjustment, and Mad Cartographies


The Icarus Project has long been associated with the Mad Pride movement, though individual members may or may not associate themselves with the word Mad, or feel any particular sense of pride in relation to experiences of what might be called madness. Organizationaly, The Icarus Project has edged away from the language of Mad Pride, in an effort to be inclusive of those who may not identify as Mad.

Reportback from The Website Team


The website of The Icarus Project  is roughly a decade old, has largely not been funded and has been the digital duct tape that has held the online community together in marvelous ways. A new web team has been hired to bring the site up to date with today's technological requirements. This is where we are at.


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