Throwback Thursday: “Why do we keep talking about ‘Consumers’? We’re not eating mental health services…”


This week for Throwback Thursday I’m dredging up an old post from when I was the Icarus representative at a SAMHSA meeting in Washington DC and we made a bunch of new movement friends. This was around the time of our 5th anniversary and we were in the midst of a lot of interesting organizing on college campuses, working out of the office at Fountain House in New York City, and using the language of Mad Ones and Mad Pride a whole lot. Icarus has always managed to stay on the outside of the government money non-profit world, trading some amount of legitimacy and exposure for keeping our messages radical. This is an interesting post because it documents the confluence of a bunch of activists who have yet to end up in the same room again. I wonder what the future holds?

Icarus Project Hiring an Operations Support Coordinator


The Icarus Project [TIP] is looking for someone with a strong background in social justice as well as organizational support and program development.

Job duties will include:

  • Assisting working groups with work processes, timelines and accountability, and identifying synergies between working groups

  • Helping maintain organizational vision

  • Collaborating in the development of a Staff Handbook, code of conduct, and best practices

  • Facilitating development of a Volunteer Coordinator program and exploring the creation of an internship or mentorship program...  


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