On Being a Rad, Mad, Queer Mama, by Nina Packebush


Being “crazy” makes parenthood a uniquely dangerous thing, add on being queer, or a person of color, or poor, or too young, or in any way marginalized and being a “crazy” parent ups the danger significantly. This pressure, judgment, and extreme scrutiny only piles on more stress which in turn creates greater emotional trauma, which in turn affects our ability to not only function in this world and parent effectively, but it also makes it difficult to safely seek help when we need it. And sometimes we really need it.

Icarus is Seeking a Bookkeeper, very part-time


The Icarus Project [TIP] is looking for someone with a strong background in accounting and budgets to help us keep our finances together.  TIP is a radical mental health support network and media project that hosts a strong online community, develops publications on mental health, helps people start local support groups, offers popular education, and much more. We are a beloved community for thousands of people who are not only alienated from the mainstream psychiatric system, but who believe that the people who struggle with mental health issues have an important role to play in changing the world.

Endless New Beginnings: Madness and Motherhood, Stories and Social Justice


There are not many people talking about what it means to be a mad parent, what those defining identities mean for them or how those roles play out in their lives. Struggling with staying well and a life wrought with experiences that can sometimes, for example, make it difficult to leave the house have the capacity to make modern parenting a huge challenge. For people who are sensitive to the amount of sleep they get or who have a hard time with loud noises and shifts in body chemistry, mad motherhood in particular can be a massive undertaking, requiring unprecedented strength and determination.


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