NYC Icarus


This is NYC Icarus central.  Our local community supports both organizing and peer-support.

Please sign up for our low-traffic, announcement only mailing list:

The riseup list software is very, err, protective. You may need to visit and then search for 'nycicarus' to find the link to subscribe to "NYC Icarus announcements list".  Sometimes the direct link fails.

Or, join is on our nyc organizing mailing list:!forum/neiroc

Also, this is our Facebook Group (although we try to minimize the organizing and conversations that happen there):

and you can follow us on twitter: @nycicarus

There are currently no public, open Icarus peer-support groups happening in New York City.

Instead, we are experimenting with this model of an open network of closed groups:

Periodically, we host meetups to help people organize new cells. Please contact nycicarus at gmail dot com if you are interested in joining or starting a cell.

You can contact nycicarus at gmail dot com if you have any questions

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