Occamz Razor to the Day

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I've realized I have a newly developed world perspective which has left me cynical and bitter. I read A LOT. And I'm beggining to feel within myself a change in my critical thinking. A way of perception that most don't have, but can acquire by applying curiosity, spontaneity, reading to their daily regimen and comfortably asking "Why?"
Now, I read everything with words on it. A bit of an intrinsic characteristic that can cause me to obtain knowledge about a great deal of information. With this much information on my mind, I run around piecing together my little bits of wisdom and theory. For the most part, I can figure things out based on what's become a basic set of questions.
Knowing as much as I do about things, life tends to get dull and predictable. It's as though I can tell the future by applying the basic set of questions to any  number of situations. Movies, t.v., and books just aren't that thrilling anymore. Even the people in my life are terribly predictable save for some of my mad friends. 
So I've started to look at simplicity again. Taking Occamz Razor to the every day nuisances, slicing away excess to bring forth the elemental make up of matter and matters. 
Man needs to be occupied.
I'm going to start mastering one of my hobbies. To the point of excellent skill.
Insanity With Purpose
End Result:
Art and Sanity
So yeah, maybe I won't just get bored and off myself to see what the other side's like. Ideas like this make me worry if I'll ever be just happy.