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Zine fest today!

Oh my god the zine fest is today. I am pretty excited, and as you can also see, I am staying up "late" once again. I could say I have an "excuse" tonight, as I was making sure everything was ready and printed for the zine fest in the morning (I'm not a morning person so I sure as hell am not waking up early)...but then again I seem to have an excuse every night, don't I?Oh well! No regrets, and I'm looking forward to the zine fest and breaking the stigma of our inner disjointedness.Cheers, and goodnight (hopefully).

RVA Mind(ful) Liberation's TIP banner for Richmond Zine Fest, Oct. 2011!

Stayed up for a lot of the night painting this banner. We were pretty tired.Our friend let us set up in the shop of his cab company (Napoleon TaxI!) and we painted it on a large board that we put on a forklift. It was total madness :P

The medical model is the true failure of compassion!

Another thing that really pisses me off is when 'friends' want to shut out any alternative explanation of certain human phenomena that doesn't seek to medicalize them. I've actually had people blow up at me and walk away in a complete snit when I try to explain why I reject psychiatry's pejorative 'diagnoses' and the false science it uses to justify them.  They seem to view it as a failure of compassion on my part.

Suggestions on dealing with professional patronizers, with Diane Divoky and Peter Schrag

taking aim at the usual aim takers, these excerpts give ammo to the underdog and thier fledgling communities; and not merely for reform distraction--for authentic liberation strategy!


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