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Coming Off Medications Workshop Censored at Alternatives Conference

UPDATE: The National Empowerment Center has reversed its controversial decision amid public outcry, including the emails and calls of many Icaristas, and the workshop will be restored. Read about the reversal here: 

From Judi Chamberlin: The Ex-Patients' Movement: Where We've Been and Where We're Going

cemental stealth (aka mental "health") survivors articulate ideas like "sane chauvanism" and "mentalism" to denote oppressive ways of seeing folks having difficulties in living. Judi Chamberlin, published in a prestigious journal, articulates such in her overview of a mostly 1970s-1980s ex-mental patient liberation movement. Excerpts and link included.

Possessed or Dispossessed?


"...mental health, and in fact most kinds of health care, are seen as personal issues that are either best dealt with by professionals or through personal choices such as alternative healthcare, healing or therapeutic communities or alternative self-help groups. What we are asking is why isn’t health, and especially mental health an issue that we more regularly see as part of our anti-capitalist politics?"
from Shift magazine in the UK

Icarus Supports Human Rights for Mad Diverse-Abilities at United Nations

Longtime Icarus member and organizer Leah Harris, who is also the co-coordinator of the US Network of Users and Survivors of Psychiatry, writes

Please find below a link to the report put together by several psychiatric survivor, human rights, and disability rights organizations. It includes what we feel are the human rights issues most central to mad folks and people of "diverse-abilities" - including the right to make our own decisions, not to be institutionalized or medicated against our will, and to have access to the freedom and dignity that are the inherent rights of all people.

download draft UPR report


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