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Icarus Joins Effort to Stop Forced Drugging in Wisconsin
Wisconsin Icarista Christin Light writes:

Last week, the Wisconsin State Supreme Court upheld a forced treatment order for a man named John Wood who is currently in Mendota Mental Health Institute.  His lawyer was questioning the constitutionality of a statute because "it violates due process by allowing involuntary medication without finding if a person is a danger and fails to require a periodic review."  2 justices agreed with this but ultimately, it was a 5/2 vote in maintaining his forced medication and the statute.

Valuable insights from David Ingleby, re: "Ideology and the Human Sciences"

"We should recognize that the infiltration of value judgements into 'objective' terminology is not just loose talk, a psychological weakness of scientists; to classify actions which are seen as a threat to society as malignant process is a means of repression more final and devastating in its effects than any overt condemnation."--David Ingelby (important for understanding the culture of oppression in which human scientists, including psychiatrists, operate within)

Why I find the philosophy behind 'non-violence' to be problematic

First and foremost is the fact that it can serve to re-silence and re-victimize those who have already experienced violence firsthand, and thus by default serves to exclude such innocent victims from any effective movement for social change.

Dispatch from the Front Lines - What's Not Okay in Kindergarten

I work part-time as an Instructional Assistant for a boy who is diagnosed only as being "Emotionally Disturbed" - ED (like you need to have some sort of doctorate to diagnose that). I hang out with him throughout his struggles in Kindergarten and implement his IEP (Individualized Education Program).
Boys and girls, Kindergarten is a fucked up place. It's very safe - if you follow the rules. You'll be fine - if you follow the rules. I realized on Day One of this job that everyone put through this system is being trained to become perfect bank tellers.

Human rights abuse

An outline from an expert on the cult of psychiatry and its forced drugging, false imprisonment and torture
The psychiatric system currently is a cruel, damaging system of punishment, which does not help, rather wrecks, causes trauma, frightens and crushes those who have committed no crime, yet are forced to become involuntary patients to experimental ‘medical treatment’ that causes them physical harm.
These patients are told they must be agreeable to treatment and they must agree with the doctor’s diagnosis. Any complaints are ignored. Brain-washing wears the person who is in a vulnerable state down to the point where they become hypnotised by the cult of psychiatry.


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