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Fear of 'madness' (and society's response to it) in a historical context

I have to wonder if the reticence about speaking out on abuses/prejudice aimed at people with a psychiatric label, or about the inherently oppressive nature of psychiatry and the 'mental health' system themselves isn't rooted in peoples' fear of their own capacity for madness as well as being rooted in another long-standing historical prejudice.


I’m not embarrassed anymore about what happens to me in times of stress. It’s simply that I sleep-wake. My dream/nightmare becomes wrapped up into my waking life via a belief system that has buoyed me. My cure for that is to be an atheist and to always regard what my friends say highly. Sometimes their advice and direction is better than my own thinking. So, I want to keep an open mind to the possibility that sometimes the things I think are symbols rather than reality. Reality is connecting and understanding my friends and communicating with them in a way that makes sense to both of us.

Care and punishment

Once upon a time I thought it would be interesting to talk to a doctor about emotional problems. I thought, they would be good because they could listen confidentially and would know ways to direct me that would help me out of the bad feelings I had. I was so young and self-centred I forgot to think about what they were actually thinking. I only thought of my own story.

Video: "Perceptions of Reality"--Indigenous wisdom 101 with John Trudell at Univ. of Wisconsin

Here, if this works, is the infamous John Trudell speaking about being crazy and using our creative intelligence to escape the ways our minds are colonized. Deep and inspiring for those of us easily overwhelmed and uncertain about where to head now that we're starting to see the realities of our own situations! Enjoy!


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