Fól?ów the gma?

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Well here i am! bak again. i relapsed o? we?n??day after i sens?d a stróng presence surrounding me. it was self infli?ted, í took speed. well i cudn? ?hüt up! blah blah blar! the independant inititive, p?ovide a wide range óf training/therapies etc. well my key worker has put me forward 4 'combat stress' a military psychiatric facilitx 4 ex service personnel. well i read all the info an me head went BIONIC! it was so funny, the s?uff falling out me head made sense, only if u know my psychosis. 1 min i was laughin me head off, ?id? ?plíting is an under statement. the nxt thing i was punching the mirrór everytime i went passed it. i did the 'usual' luk bak an analyize my previous low episode! well the subliminal messages wer? ev?ry where. when all this goes on i gather an manifefast negative enery. i got so angry at the armx an the Queen. they're responsible for my back injury.... TBC 'd oxo