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Today, the best thing I could do is plant my garden.  It might not stop raining but I have another chance tomorrow morning.  They should be astounding, all these new chances to do things in a good way.I am reading a transcription of the film "Evolving Minds," about a personal experience with psychosis and spirituality.  This transcription is available freely on the internet.  It reminds me of what I already knew-- there's no substitute for patient training of the mind.  Easing into meditation.  With 2 meditation books gifted to me by a monk, how many hints do I really need?I plan to start


I live in Portland.  Almost 5 years separate me from my time of crisis.  I think I am doing what I want to with my life, but I question all the time if it is a dead end.  Am I going towards "normalcy"?  This is something a lot of people want, but I don't think I do.  Yet I've worked all these years to pretend at it.  I'm not even sure what makes me "different" anymore, if anything, other than a drawn-out event in my past that I still don't fully understand, that feels unintegrated with my life today.Maybe there is another part of me out there/in here that I do not know how to access yet.


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