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Ikarus-Projekt Mission Statement

A German version of our mission statement, translated by our awesome Anarchist friend Gabriel. He says:
"here is a german translation of the mission statement.
i had a radical psychologist friend who runs a project
providing psychotherapy for refugees in austria
proofread it. she's a hard critic but gave a green
light, so i assume this should work."


A Note About Our Politics


A Note About Our Politics 
This website was created by people who are not only diagnosed with mental health labels such as "bipolar disorder," but who also have a radical view of how this society should be dismantled and recreated. We come out of a long tradition of solidarity among the oppressed of the world, and we are driven to working towards real live justice for all people. We firmly believe that for true healing to be possible we must work both on transforming ourselves and transforming the world around us. We do not ask that any Icarus Project member have any particular political affiliation or lifestyle choice, but we do insist that you respect the sometimes controversial and frequently pretty radical and anti-authoritarian discussions that unfold on this site regularly around topics like race, class, politics, capitalism, gender, the pharmaceutical industry, and much much more. If you want to talk about mental health as if it exists in a socio-political vacuum, this may not be the site for you, or you may find it wise to stay out of politically charged threads that make you uncomfortable. Check out our Mission statement here: http://legacy.theicarusproject.net/about-us/icarus-project-mission-statement

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