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Icarus timeline

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Sascha's article published

Website launched

Hampshire college event

Madigan meets sascha

Mission statement written in a tree in humboltd county


Hiring Process Next Steps

  • Map out the hiring process- add components whereby volunteers get more points, experience with madness or mental health
  • How does Icarus bring people in? How do we share stipended opportunities?
  • Tweak the job description, update dates on website and ny list and nyc co and send it to candidates- Will point person and Molly backup by November 27th
  • Interview Heidi, our third choice candidate
  • everyone supports hiring committee
  • discuss
  • ask annie and casey to apply and open up to idealist


Struggle in Movement: The Icarus Project and Radical Organizing for Many Realities


Alex Samets wrote this strategy and vision essay as part of the In The Middle Of A Whirlwind journal:

TIP works to bring a discussion of mental health into community spaces and to make narratives of internal struggle part of narratives of collective struggle. As an organization, we are mindfully creating our own narratives, authoring the documents that build our histories, and crafting future realities from our desires.

Radical Organizing for Many Realities - Alex Samets

Icarista Alex Samets recently wrote the essay "Struggle in Movement: The Icarus Project and Radical Organizing for Many Realities"  as part of the In The Middle Of A Whirlwind journal. You can read it in our Articles section and also download a .pdf here.

Notes from my Argentina Trip

Mental Disability Rights International and the Centro de Estudios Legales y Sociales needed a spanish-speaking psychiatric survivor with group facilitation and grassroots organizing skills. So I got a call: Would I go to Argentina to work on the campaign to reform the country's asylum system? Here's a report on my fascinating trip to the land of Che and Milongas...


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