A Gathering of Wings and Stories in the Darkness: The Icarus Project Reaches a Decade

This coming September will be the 10th anniversary of our Icarus Project journey. With your participation, we will be celebrating this milestone anniversary. We are asking each of you to reflect back on your own personal journey with The Icarus Project.  We want to celebrate our victories and learn from our mistakes, as well as look forward to what we envision The Icarus Project to be over the next 10 years. Currently on the agenda: re-designing the website; revising and updating all of our publications; creating a 10th Anniversary story sharing archive; as well as some organizational restructuring, including getting an advisory board into place.

Summer Update from TIP

Hola to our friends and comrades near and far -- Here's what's happening across the rad madlands. Please feel free to forward to allies, comrades, friends, and family.
Updates on the USSF, our current financial status, art shows in the northeast, books we're reading, forum moderation changes, and more behind the link.
Local group updates on the way.

Spring Is Here!

Spring is here! Blossoms on trees, warmer days, melting snow and the re-emergence of green. For more than 6 years the wild, unruly growth that is The Icarus Project has been sending roots deep into the soil and spreading tendrils of radical mental health and mutual support throughout society. With the new season Icarus is doing some spring cleaning as we consolidate the work of the past 6 months and gear up for the energizing times ahead, so here is our Spring 2009 update!

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