CAIROC meeting notes, October 14

 Main topics:
Saturday Oct 16 event, Crooked Beauty screening. Schedule and roles.
November Speaker Staci Heanes, planning for this event.
December Speaker Ethan Waters.
Alternate venues for future speakers series.
Communication and power concerning CAIROC, Sunday Icarus groups, and Bay Area Icarus organizing.
Anti-opression training in December (open to all icaristas)
Communication with National Icarus, Distro

Notes 8/4/2010


Update on blog and financial transparency

Blog went out - looks awesome! Thanks Eric!
Question about financial tranparency from Molly:

Summer Update from TIP

Hola to our friends and comrades near and far -- Here's what's happening across the rad madlands. Please feel free to forward to allies, comrades, friends, and family.
Updates on the USSF, our current financial status, art shows in the northeast, books we're reading, forum moderation changes, and more behind the link.
Local group updates on the way.

2010-07-21 Icarus Coordinator Collective meeting notes

Icarus Conf Call
will notes
christin facillitate
support@theicarusproject.net email box
volunteering question
website facilitation/moderation update?
website moderation --
will - moderation going well
angel - smooth transition, not sure how we know how well it's working - seems to have smoothed over some of the
overarching stuff going on


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