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Meet Daniela Capistrano: National Organizer For The Icarus Project!

Join us in officially welcoming Daniela Capistrano to The Icarus Project! She joined us in December 2014 to support Icarus organizers across the country. Icarus organizers provide peer support to those with complex mental health realities in a safe and accessible environment, but often face incredible challenges in their work. Daniela is helping our community meet those challenges.

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Suggestions on dealing with professional patronizers, with Diane Divoky and Peter Schrag

taking aim at the usual aim takers, these excerpts give ammo to the underdog and thier fledgling communities; and not merely for reform distraction--for authentic liberation strategy!

First Post: Friends call me "Page"

I like to call it "IT" and "IT" started in 1992 and I was diagnosed and labeled Bi-Polar in 1996.  The "chemical imbalance" motto ran it's course with the prescriptions. In the fall of 1999 the ground beneath me fell away as the world around me shattered. The year 2000 was the darkest year in my life thus far, turning thirty-three felt like I died and became a different creature.  This is where the title of the post comes in, the only evil ONE that I have ever known is my own "EGO" and "Page" was the way to beat it. "Page" evetually brought harmony and balance to my mind. My heart is different and so is my mind, it feels like much weight has been relieved and it's now light.
Having an enemy as a new friend is the ultimate victory and there is much to fill between the lines but I'm glad to have reached this first step.



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